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Welcome to, a website dedicated to provide information on legal cases filed against/by mortgage companies and consumers, the prevailing laws, and frauds/scams affecting borrowers as well as lenders out there in the industry. The purpose is to make you aware of what legal action can come your way and how to get out of it, to empower you with knowledge of the basic laws and consumer rights so that you’re able to fight out illegal practices in the industry.

To help you browse through the site easily, we’ve developed separate sections on mortgage cases, frauds, laws and various finance related topics to keep you updated. A description of the various sections is given below.

  • Mortgage Cases – This section comprises of various cases of the mortgage industry wherein violation of the law took place. It can help in protecting you from frauds. It’ll also make you aware of the situations where you may face legal action.
  • Mortgage Laws – This section helps you in getting acquainted with the laws and regulations governing the mortgage industry. It is essential for you to know the basic mortgage laws as it’ll help you in dealing with unusual problems in your mortgage.
  • Mortgage Frauds – If you are a first time buyer or homeowner and are having problems in paying down your mortgage, then you’re at the risk of fraudsters who can promise to help you out of this situation and then run away with your money and even property. The Mortgage Frauds section informs you in details about the types of mortgage frauds, how to avoid them and also about where to report any incidence of fraud.
  • Mortgage Guide – In this section, we aim to provide information on how to get a mortgage and manage it, the various types of programs on offer and related financial issues.

Apart from the above, you’ll get an idea about various terminologies to help you understand legal jargons in a simple way. So, if you’re the one requiring legal knowledge to fight out a case or avoid being a victim of mortgage fraud, browse through the website and make yourself aware of the laws and consumer rights. Take a look at the articles given in the various sections for a better understanding of mortgage frauds you should avoid and how best you can do so.

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