All about mortgage cases and how to get out of them

Legal cases are an integral part of the mortgage industry. Mortgage cases are filed by borrowers against lenders and vice versa. Also, such cases are filed by one mortgage company/bank against another.

No doubt, when you’re involved in a legal case, you’d have to approach an attorney. But awareness on legal cases that may be filed against you under different situations does help you understand what the attorney is trying to say and how your case is being dealt with.

In this section of our website, we’ll provide you with an insight on the legal cases filed in the mortgage industry. This is to make you aware of what you may come across or how you should fight out such cases and get through complex legal situations in your mortgage.

While we provide you with a simplified case study of the lawsuits filed in the mortgage industry, you’ll come to know which consumer rights you may use to fight out such cases. This will enable you to understand how to proceed when you’re involved in such situations.

Given below is a sample case filed against mortgage brokers, which was aimed at minimizing fraudulent activities in Detroit metropolitan area. We hope to keep you updated with similar legal cases taking place in the mortgage industry so that you’re aware of the latest that’s happening in the industry.

Case Study – 1

  • Operation Broken Loan

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