Mortgage frauds, scams and how to avoid them

Mortgage frauds or scams are getting quite common these days. And it does not involve borrowers alone. But they are assisted by loan officers who originate mortgages, real estate agent, brokers, title company, attorneys and multiple parties involved in a home-buying or mortgage transaction. Most of the victims of fraud are first time buyers and homeowners who are having problems in paying down their mortgage or those facing foreclosures.

What are the types of mortgage frauds?

There are in general 2 types of mortgage fraud – fraud for property and fraud for profit.

Fraud for property:

Fraud for property or housing occurs when dishonest lenders encourage borrowers in buying houses which they cannot afford. These lenders encourage borrowers to submit false information about a borrower’s employment, income or assets so that he gets qualified for the loan. This is in fact a federal crime and individuals involved may be at risk if the law finds them guilty.

Fraud for profit:

This kind of a fraud involves a group of people who defraud not only home-buyers but also mortgage lenders. For instance, a dishonest broker may tie up with a loan processor and create fictitious credit profile and get together with an appraiser to inflate borrowers’ property value. Then there are the straw buyers who represent themselves with false information and thereby get involved in defrauding lenders.

Of all mortgage frauds, foreclosure rescue scams and illegal property flipping are the most common frauds being reported nowadays.

How can you avoid mortgage fraud?

If you think you’re falling prey to any kind of fraud, the best thing is to talk to your lender or a housing counselor. Also, avoid dealing with scam artists who promise to help you save your homes from being foreclosed.

Where should you report for fraud?

If you suspect that you’re a fraud victim, call up the Mortgage Fraud Hot line 1-800-4Fraud8 (1080-437-2838). You can also contact the State Attorney General’s office and file a complaint there.

To keep you informed about various frauds and scams taking place in the industry and to help you avoid such frauds or get rid of them, here’s a list of resources for your knowledge and information.

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